How Transformer Tester Helps Engineers In Transformer Repairing?

Transformer is static electrical equipment that conveys power electricity by inductive coupling between its winding circuits. These are essential components used by companies to sustain and manage voltage fluctuation. Transformer repairing requirements arise when the equipment fails to perform aptly. When the current passes through a coil or winding, the coil gets heats up at either end and opens up entirely, hence the insulation between the coils is at breakdown risk, which later causes the coil split or size reduction. This further affect the device and damage the components- transformer tester is an ideal product to solve this issue.

Transformer tester is a versatile tool that helps engineers in repairing and replacing faulty components of the transformer. Using this tool, they can easily test the transformer in lesser time. One of the most significant features of tester is that it is very useful to perform quick screening of incoming and outgoing transformers for both the primary and secondary shorts and opens. Some of the issues are- loss through resistances, leakage inductance, parasitic capacities, coupled capacities, core losses, leaking resistances, etc.

Significance of Transformer Tester in Repairing:
  • Tester is perfect for high speed test in manufacturing and in the transformer tester systems.
  • Tester is suitable for vast variety of transformers and is expandable.
  • Tester comes with an optional feature manual or pneumatic test fixture to generate a test system, and the frequencies range is 20HZ to 200 kHZ.
  • You can avail this tool for your transformer- testers are designed in different models to test different transformer equipments.
Testers are also used in the assessment of correct gauge strength, number of coils, correct material selection, isolation thickness, coil isolation, polarity, phase angle, insertion loss, coil resistances, power loss, etc.

Transformer repairing is not an easy job as it requires qualified On line transformer oil filtration , who is aware of the components in the transformer. Most transformer repairers prefer to have a device or tester to rectify the faults. Hence, a tester is an ideal solution to all the issues that would come up in a transformer.

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